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NO2 seasonal evolution in the north subtropical free troposphere [Discussion paper]
Title: NO2 seasonal evolution in the north subtropical free troposphere [Discussion paper]
Authors: Gil-Ojeda, ManuelNavarro Comas, MónicaGómez Martín, LauraAdame, José AntonioSaiz-Lopez, AlfonsoCuevas, C. A.González Ramos, Yenny ORCID Autor AEMETPuentedura, OlgaCuevas Agulló, Emilio ORCID RESEARCHERID SCOPUSID Autor AEMETLamarque, Jean-FrançoisKinnison, DouglasTilmes, Simone
Keywords: Dióxido de nitrógeno; Alta troposfera; Nitrogen dioxide; Free troposphere
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: European Geosciences Union
Citation: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions. 2015, 15, p. 14473–14504
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Abstract: Three years of multi-axis differential optical absorption spectroscopy (MAXDOAS) measurements (2011–2013) have been used for estimating the NO2 mixing ratio along a horizontal line of sight from the high mountain subtropical observatory of Izaña, at 2370 m a.s.l. (NDACC station, 28.3° N, 16.5° W). The method is based on horizontal path calculation from the O2–O2 collisional complex at the 477 nm absorption band which is measured simultaneously to the NO2 column density, and is applicable under low aerosol-loading conditions. The MAXDOAS technique, applied in horizontal mode in the free troposphere, minimizes the impact of the NO2 contamination resulting from the arrival of marine boundary layer (MBL) air masses from thermally forced upwelling breeze during middle hours of the day. Comparisons with in situ observations show that during most of the measuring period, the MAXDOAS is insensitive or very slightly sensitive to the upwelling breeze. Exceptions are found for pollution events during southern wind conditions. On these occasions, evidence of fast, efficient and irreversible transport from the surface to the free troposphere is found.
Sponsorship : This work was funded by the Spanish National R+D Funding Agency through the AMISOC (CGL2011-24891) project and the EU FP7 NORS project (grant agreement 284421).
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