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Atmospheric methane evolution the last 40 years [Discussion paper]
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dc.contributor.authorDalsøren, Stig B.es_ES
dc.contributor.authorMyhre, Gunnares_ES
dc.contributor.authorMyhre, Cathrine Lundes_ES
dc.contributor.authorGómez Peláez, Ángel Jesúses_ES
dc.contributor.authorSøvde, Ole A.es_ES
dc.contributor.authorIsaksen, Ivar S. A.es_ES
dc.contributor.authorWeiss, Ray F.es_ES
dc.contributor.authorHarth, Christina M.es_ES
dc.identifier.citationAtmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions. 2015, 15, p. 30895–30957es_ES
dc.description.abstractObservations at surface sites show an increase in global mean surface methane (CH4) of about 180 parts per billion (ppb) (above 10 %) over the period 1984–2012. Over this period there are large fluctuations in the annual growth rate. In this work, we investigate the atmospheric CH4 evolution over the period 1970–2012 with the Oslo CTM3 global chemical transport model (CTM) in a bottom-up approach. We thoroughly assess data from surface measurement sites in international networks and select a subset suited for comparisons with the output from the CTM. We compare model results and observations to understand causes for both long-term trends and short-term variations. Employing Oslo CTM3 we are able to reproduce the seasonal and year-to-year variations and shifts between years with consecutive growth and stagnation, both at global and regional scales. The overall CH4 trend over the period is reproduced, but for some periods the model fails to reproduce the strength of the growth. The model overestimates the observed growth after 2006 in all regions.es_ES
dc.description.sponsorshipThis work was funded by the Norwegian Research Council project GAME (Causes and effects of Global and Arctic changes in the Methane budget), grant no. 207587, under the program NORKLIMA, and the EU project ACCESS (Arctic Climate Change Economy and Society). ACCESS received funding from the European Union under grant agreement no. 265863 within the Ocean of Tomorrow call of the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme.es_ES
dc.publisherEuropean Geosciences Uniones_ES
dc.rightsLicencia CC: Reconocimiento CC BYes_ES
dc.subjectAtmospheric methanees_ES
dc.subjectTransporte de contaminanteses_ES
dc.subjectQuímica atmosféricaes_ES
dc.titleAtmospheric methane evolution the last 40 years [Discussion paper]es_ES
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