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On the optimal measuring area for pointwise rainfall estimation: a dedicated experiment with 14 laser disdrometers
Title: On the optimal measuring area for pointwise rainfall estimation: a dedicated experiment with 14 laser disdrometers
Authors: Tapiador, Francisco J.Navarro Martínez, AndrésMoreno Galdón, RaulJiménez Alcázar, AlfonsoMarcos Martín, CeciliaTokay, AliDurán, LuisBodoque, José M.Martín Martín, RaúlPetersen, WaltCastro, Manuel de
Keywords: Precipitation; In situ atmospheric observations; Remote sensing; Statistics; Sensors
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: American Meteorological Society
Citation: Journal of Hydrometeorology. 2017, 18(3), p. 753-760
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Abstract: Laser disdrometers measure the particle size distribution (PSD) of hydrometeors through a small cross-sectional (tens of square centimeters) surface. Such a limited area induces a sampling effect in the estimates of the PSD, which translates to error in the reflectivity–rain-rate (Z–R) relationship used for ground radar estimates of rainfall, estimates of kinetic energy of precipitation, and any other hydrometeorological application relying on particle size information. Here, the results of a dedicated experiment to estimate the extent of the effect of limited area sampling of rainfall are presented. Using 14 Parsivel, version 1 (Parsivel-1), disdrometers placed within 6 m2, it was found that the combined area of at least seven disdrometers is required for the estimates to start converging to a stable value. The results can be used to quantify the degree of over-/underestimation of precipitation parameters for a single instrument due to the limited collecting area effect. It has been found that a single disdrometer may underestimate instantaneous rain rate by 70%.
Sponsorship : Funding from projects CGL2013- 48367-P, CGL2016-80609-R (Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad), UNCM08-1E-086 (Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovacion), and CYTEMA (UCLM) is gratefully acknowledged.
ISSN: 1525-755X
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