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Temporal and spatial variability of atmospheric particle number size distributions across Spain
Title: Temporal and spatial variability of atmospheric particle number size distributions across Spain
Authors: Alonso Blanco, ElisabethGómez Moreno, Francisco JavierArtíñano, BegoñaIglesias Samitier, SilviaJuncal Bello, VanesaPiñeiro Iglesias, MaríaLópez Mahía, PurificaciónPérez, NoemíBrines, MariolaAlastuey, AndrésGarcía, María IsabelAutor AEMETRodríguez González, Sergio ORCID RESEARCHERID Autor AEMETSorribas, MarÁguila, A. delTitos Vela, GloriaLyamani, HassanAlados Arboledas, Lucas
Keywords: Aerosol dynamical processes; Particle number size distribution; Scanning mobility particle sizer; New particle formation; Nucleation; Aerosol particle shrinkage events
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Atmospheric Environment. 2018, 190, p. 146-160
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Abstract: This study synthesizes for the first time results from simultaneous aerosol measurements performed at seven diverse locations distributed all over the Spanish geography. The observations were carried out during two field campaigns in 2012–2013, one-month each and during different seasons. These field campaigns were performed in the framework of the Spanish Network of DMAs (REDMAAS) activities. Measurement sites were grouped as polluted sites (urban background) and clean sites (rural background and high-altitude sites). Seasonal differences were more important at polluted sites, mainly related to meteorology and aerosol sources. Higher total particle concentrations were found during the cold period, driven mainly by Aitken-mode particles (traffic-related aerosol particles).
Sponsorship : This work has been financed by the Ministry of Science and Innovation (CGL2011-15008-E, CGL2010-1777, CGL2011-27020, CGL2014-52877-R, CGL2010-11095-E, CGL2012-39623-C02-01, CGL2014-55230-R & PI15/00515 (co-funded by the ISCIII Directorate General for Evaluation and the European Regional Development Fund), Xunta de Galicia (GRC2013-047) the Generalitat de Catalunya (AGAUR 2015 SGR33 and SGR33 and the DGQA) and the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007–2013) ACTRIS under grant agreement no. 262254
ISSN: 1352-2310
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