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CSTools_new_R_package_EGU_2019_poster.pdf.jpg2019CSTools: a new R package for the calibration, combination, downscaling and analysis of seasonal forecastsCaron, Louis-Philippe; Pérez Zanón, Núria; Álvarez-Castro, Carmen, et al
poster-ozone-hole-2006.pdf.jpgApr-2007The record large 2006 Antarctic ozone holeBraathen, Geir; Van der A, R.; Vik, A. Fahre, et al
poster-O3-hole-2003-2010.pdf.jpgApr-2011Observations of the Antarctic ozone hole from 2003-2010Braathen, Geir; Van der A, R.; Anastou, A., et al
Zhang_et_al_EGU2018.pdf.jpg2018Trend of near-surface maximum wind speed in China: under a shifted East Asian monsoon scenarioZhang, Gangfeng; Shi, Peijun; Chen, Deliang, et al
EGU2017AKposter.pdf.jpg2017Study on homogenization of synthetic GNSS-Retrieved IWV time series and its impact on trend estimates with autoregressive noiseKlos, Anna; Van Malderen, Roeland; Pottiaux, Eric, et al
Azorin_Molina_et_al_EGU2018.pdf.jpg2018Stilling project: advances in the compilation and homogenization of historical wind speed data for the assessment of the stilling phenomenonAzorín Molina, César; Chen, Deliang; Dunn, Robert J. H., et al
Azorin_Molina_et_al__EGU2018_DPWG.pdf.jpg2018Advances in the homogenization of daily peak wind gusts: an application to the Australian seriesAzorín Molina, César; Guijarro Pastor, José Antonio; McVicar, Tim R., et al
Impact_Zhang.pdf.jpg2019Impact of near-surface wind speed variability on wind erosion in the eastern agro-pastoral transitional zone of Northern China, 1982-2016 [Póster]Zhang, Gangfeng; Azorín Molina, César; Shi, Peijun, et al
Trends_Azorin.pdf.jpg2019Trends of daily peak wind gusts in Australia, 1948-2016Azorín Molina, César; McVicar, Tim R.; Guijarro Pastor, José Antonio, et al
Homogenization_Minola.pdf.jpg2019Homogenization of near-surface wind speed and gust series across SwedenMinola, Lorenzo; Azorín Molina, César; Guijarro Pastor, José Antonio, et al
EGU2013_Terradellas_poster.pdf.jpg2013Evaluation of atmospheric dust prediction models using ground-based observationsTerradellas, Enric; Baldasano, José María; Cuevas Agulló, Emilio, et al
PosterEGU2017.pdf.jpg2017A new improved database to support spanish phenological observationsRomero Fresneda, Ramiro; Martínez Núñez, Lourdes; Botey, María Roser, et al
Sastre_et_al_egu2012.pdf.jpg2012Characterization of evening atmospheric boundary layer transitions from a sonic anemometer and an array of microbarometers during the BLLAST field campaignSastre, Mariano; Yagüe, Carlos; Román Cascón, Carlos, et al
Study_evening_Sastre.pdf.jpg2010Study of the evening transition to the nocturnal a atmospheric boundary layer: statistical analysis and case studiesSastre, Mariano; Viana Jiménez, Samuel; Maqueda Burgos, Gregorio, et al
Study_of_the_interaction.pdf.jpg2011Study of the interaction between fog and turbulenceRomán Cascón, Carlos; Salamanca Palou, Francisco; Yagüe, Carlos, et al
Tampieri_etal.pdf.jpg2012Similarity scales in the stable boundary layer: a test against dataTampieri, Francesco; Yagüe, Carlos; Viana Jiménez, Samuel
Sastre_et_al_2009_final.pdf.jpg2009Study of the morning transition of the atmospheric boundary layerSastre, Mariano; Yagüe, Carlos; Maqueda Burgos, Gregorio, et al
Viana_et_al_2009_final.pdf.jpg2009Impact of different types of gravity waves on the turbulent eddies, exchange coefficients and location of the spectral gapViana Jiménez, Samuel; Yagüe, Carlos; Maqueda Burgos, Gregorio, et al
Maquedaetal2010.pdf.jpg2010Study of cross-spectra of velocity components and temperature series in a nocturnal boundary layerMaqueda Burgos, Gregorio; Sastre, Mariano; Viñas Arrebola, Carmen Matilde, et al
Use_Tracer_Rabago.pdf.jpg2018The use of tracer gases to study the air exchange in the Altamira caveRábago, Daniel; Sainz, Carlos; Celaya, Santiago, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 33
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