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1-s2.0-S1352231020303526-main.pdf.jpg2020Atmospheric formaldehyde at El Teide and Pic du Midi remote high-altitude sitesPrados-Román, Cristina; Fernández, Miguel; Gómez, Laura, et al
Conceptualizing_Impact_Dust-Contaminated.pdf.jpg2021Conceptualizing the impact of dust-contaminated infrared radiances on data assimilation for numerical weather predictionMarquis, Jared W.; Oyola, Mayra I.; Campbell, James R., et al
amt-2020-403.pdf.jpg2020The Adaptable 4A Inversion (5AI): Description and first XCO2 retrievals from OCO-2 observations [Discussion paper]Dogniaux, Matthieu; Crevoisier, Cyril; Armante, Raymond, et al
JGRA-2022-Hannigan.pdf.jpg2022Global Atmospheric OCS Trend Analysis From 22 NDACC StationsHannigan, James W.; Ortega, Ivan; Shams, Shima Bahramvash, et al
Ground_based_Journal_Glaciology.pdf.jpg2019Ground-based remote-sensing techniques for diagnosis of the current state and recent evolution of the Monte Perdido Glacier, Spanish PyreneesLópez Moreno, Juan Ignacio; Alonso-González, E.; Monserrat, O., et al
Column_Integrated_Water_Vapor.pdf.jpg2020Column integrated water vapor and aerosol load characterization with the new ZEN-R52 radiometerAlmansa Rodríguez, Antonio F.; Cuevas Agulló, Emilio; Barreto, África, et al
acp-19-11843-2019.pdf.jpg2019Spatial distribution of aerosol microphysical and optical properties and direct radiative effect from the China Aerosol Remote Sensing NetworkChe, Huizheng; Xia, Xiangao; Zhao, Hujia, et al
Atmospheric_research_250_2021_105415.pdf.jpg2021An overview of tornado and waterspout events in Catalonia (2000–2019)Rodríguez, Oriol; Bech, Joan; Arús Dumenjo, Joan, et al
acp-2021-437.pdf.jpg2021Quantification of CH4 emissions from waste disposal sites near the city of Madrid using ground- and space-based observations of COCCON, TROPOMI and IASITu, Qiansi; Hase, Frank; Schneider, Matthias, et al
amt-14-4689-2021.pdf.jpg2021The Adaptable 4A Inversion (5AI): description and first XCO2 retrievals from Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2) observationsDogniaux, Matthieu; Crevoisier, Cyril; Armante, Raymond, et al
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