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Observed_Serrano_CLIVAR_73.pdf.jpg2017Observed atmospheric trends in the Iberian PeninsulaVicente Serrano, Sergio Martín; Rodríguez Camino, Ernesto
Estudio_rastros_tornado.pdf.jpg2017Estudio de los rastros de un tornadoSoliño, Antonio
3134-6087-1-PB.pdf.jpg2017An updated review on recent trends in observational surface atmospheric variables and their extremes over SpainVicente Serrano, Sergio Martín; Rodríguez Camino, Ernesto; Domínguez Castro, Fernando, et al
energy_132_2017.pdf.jpg2017Dynamic Paths: towards high frequency direct normal irradiance forecastsFernández-Peruchena, Carlos M.; Gastón, Martín; Schroedter-Homscheidt, Marion, et al
Spatial variability_Luna2017.pdf.jpg2017Spatial variability in threshold temperatures of heat wave mortality: impact assessment on prevention plansCarmona Alférez, Rocío; Linares Gil, Cristina; Ortiz Burgos, Cristina, et al
Roman_etal2017_RSE.pdf.jpg2017Remote sensing of lunar aureole with a sky camera: Adding information in the nocturnal retrieval of aerosol properties with GRASP codeRomán, Roberto; Torres, Benjamín; Fuertes Marrón, David, et al
modis_validation.pdf.jpg2017Validation of MODIS integrated water vapor product against reference GPS data at the Iberian PeninsulaVaquero Martínez, Javier; Antón, Manuel; Ortiz de Galisteo, José Pablo, et al
2017Atmospheric patterns over the Antarctic Peninsula [Dataset]González Herrero, Sergi; Vasallo, Francisco; Recio-Blitz, Cayetana, et al
Report_2nd_European_Nowcasting_Conference.pdf.jpg2017Conference Report 2nd European Nowcasting ConferenceWapler, Kathrin; Bañón Paregrín, Luis; Buzzi, Matteo, et al
Increasing_AIP1850_2017.pdf.jpg2017Increasing the temporal resolution of direct normal solar irradiance forecasted seriesFernández-Peruchena, Carlos M.; Gastón, Martín; Schroedter-Homscheidt, Marion, et al
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